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very well done... but make them speak

i am sure that all your hard work will pay off, and it will (hopefully) make it to the frontpage. it grabs the attention of viewers. youi have never lost your sense of humor, and i burst out a laughter as it reached its climax. believe me, you'll start receiving money if you publish it as comics. but you need some voice acting cos i hate going through all the lines.

Hell-Fire responds:

- no votes -

Thanks, but there is a problem with voice acting. It will make my movie size well over the limit. Thanks for the input.


have you ever considered making a series on it? the movie is very well animated, and it has certainly no lack of humor as compared to other similar flashes. it never lost its appeal, and it clearly reflects your animation style, as well as youir sense of humor and creativity. it's highly enjoyable to watch, and it would kick serios ass if youi did it in FBF style. i recommand you watching Another day series ( if you haven't) for more inspiration.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Indeed i have considered making Ratbag and Furball into a series... as of a few seconds ago when i found that the first episode was a fair success for what i was: a tutorial that turned into a very good idea. i will watch as many different series as i can to learn how to get by. by the way, what's FBF? i'm fresh from Italy and i'm not very good with abbreviations...

no one's going to rate it zero

are you inspired by some kind of ancient chinese legend? the movie itself is quite intriguing, and creates a ghostly atmospere. i felt being chilled inside out

Solid-Prod responds:

yeah, scary isn't it

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I first played this game 10 years ago and I still enjoy beating the game with different characters.

My only complaint is that with the exception of "Shadow Strike", I found the level 10 and 15 skills unnecessary. One can easily beat the game with lower level skills, provided they are sufficiently upgraded. I usually finished the Final Portal as a level 17 character.

The last boss (Shadow Reaper) inflicts very limited damages at a time, but he also has a high defense and can heal pretty quickly too. It takes patience to beat him. I personally think the quickest way to finish him off is to use the "Speed Strike" if your character has very high speed.

There are only 5 bosses in the Final Portal and I would like to fight a few more monsters.

i found the game quite addicting at the beginning and i have been playing this for a long time to earn more medal points, but to be frank, the game was poorly designed and i am under the impression that the in game challenges have not been tested throughoutly because the game interface is not very player friendly, and more importantly, some of the later levels are actually impossible.

take an example: battle 15, gold challenge.

i was not allowed to use any items to boost the stats during battle and the damage i deal is halved. this makes it impossible to beat that level because all the enemies have more than 50 health points and i can only inflict 1 HP damage at a time. the only way to pass that level is to perform 100 combos easily, which is clearly beyond anyones' ability.

being not able to completely all challenges is still not a big problem. the level upgrade system, which is not well desgined, matters a lot. the experience requirement increases exponentially with each level, and i have to spend an excessive amount of time to earn enough EXP to tackle stronger enemies. the character stat upgrade system should be more flexible. that is, players should be able to adjust the health points, attack points, etc..., so that we don't have to start over again in case i didn't upgrade the attributes smartly.

there should be hot keys. i sometimes press the wrong button in the attack menu because the screen moves. to make matter worse, occasionally i was not able to aim at the enemies with the right force when the enemies are at the bottom of the screen. we should have the option to zoom in or out.

the major portion is way too expensive and it is often more economical to buy the medium porton instead.

not every aspect about the game is covered in the tutorial. for example, it takes me a while to notice that the attack bar fills up slowly if you approach the enemy with less speed.

overall, there is nothing too interesting about the concept of the game, however, the game could be much more enjoyable if all these problems are fixed.

practically unplayable.

when i first played the game, the first 15 seconds posed little problem to me because of the relatively few obstacles. however, the difficulty increased sharply immediately after as i had to jump over more obstacles within a short distance along the way. at times, it is impossible not to slow down. being caught by the avalanche within seconds in inevitable at that point, no matter how precise i made the jumps. there seemed to be a limiting factor to how far you can travel in this case.

introducing upgrades is a good idea. one possible suggestion is to reward players when they make a series of perfect jumps. people should be able to pick up a few overrunitems (for example rockets to make you airborne, or device that can slow the avalanche). this makes it more plausible to overrun the avalanches and reach a certain destination.

graphics are alright for a mini game like this. the black and white colour helps create a eerie feeling. medals are either too easy or too hard to earn though. i unlocked the first few medals without even knowing what has to be done to unlock them. on the other hand, i never 'entered the lair bones', despite getting a score of 13,000 after a dozen of retries. perhaps you should reduce the distance required to earn that medal. same for the remaing ones.

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Thanks mate. I will check out the arts by these authors.

Like your accent too.

I almost thought I was listening to Bach from 00:25 onwards.
You are a genius.

Edit: No wonder. It is beyond the ability of your ordinary “dabbler of sounds”.

RefurbishedSeth responds:

That's Bertn1991, not me. Thanks, though.
Edit: Ha, exactly! :)
Also, you should check out Bertn1991's solo works.

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You ruined the beautiful character with a sad face of an old woman. Sorry.

Xinxinix responds:

Yeah... sometimes I'm the only one that gets my sense of humor lol.

Sorry Sobo!

It is Red Bull in disguise. The soft drink also contains dangerous amount of caffeine that will probably give some people heart attack.

But this is not a very efficient way to control population. I suggest adding a substance that gives the drink an "almond scent". I will leave it to you to figure out what the substance is.

Clearly Satan is the ultimate boss. He has bad breath and wants you to be his dentist.

Xinxinix responds:

"Flossing with Xin!


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